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Since the origins of Epsilon Sigma Rho, parents have been an important part of our organization. They are some of our biggest supporters, and root for us in everything we do and offer our communities. Some of these parents happen to be a part of our organization, some of these parents are a part of other Greek organizations or have been exposed to them, and others have no idea what Greek life is all about. Below are some frequently asked questions by parents we would like to address. If you still have more questions or concerns about your son joining our brotherhood after reading through this, please contact us and we'd be happy to chat with you.

  • What is Greek life?

    • The term Greek life refers to the experience of being a part of a fraternity or sorority, also generally known as a Greek organization.

    • Fraternities can be specific to male members and can sometimes be co-ed, and sororities are specific to female members. There are also different types of Greek organizations with a specific focus. Some are strictly social; some are business or academically driven; and others are founded on the basis of the betterment of a particular cultural group.

  • How does Epsilon Sigma Rho fit into this idea of Greek life?

    • We are one of countless Greek organizations in the world of Greek life. More specifically, we are a social fraternity focused on the betterment of all men, regardless of their cultural background. As an organization, our idea of culture isn't simply tied to one's race or national origin, but also one's beliefs, values, customs, and interests.

  • Wouldn't involvement distract my son from his academics?

    • As involvement with any extracurricular activity at a university, whether it be a club, a sport, or Greek life, it is indeed going to distract your son, but not in the way you might think. Being able to focus on other activities enhances the overall college experience, and will allow your son to manage his time better, learn outside of the classroom, and become a productive member of society upon graduation.

    • Speaking of graduation, out of our three pillars, Education is our very first one. Let that illustrate that we take academics seriously. Our organization will certainly teach your son many things about our world, but at the end of the day, he is in college to earn his degree, and we make sure to take any steps to make that happen. Membership does require a 2.5 minimum cumulative GPA, so if your son starts to fall behind, we implement an academic plan to help him, and will also temporarily suspend active membership at the chapter level to allow him to catch up and focus.

  • How does Epsilon Sigma Rho handle my son's safety?

    • Safety is as much your concern as is it is ours. In any gathering, whether it be of a business or social nature, we make sure that your son doesn't expose himself, or get exposed to something that raises a red flag, such as drugs of any kind, sexual assault, violence, or any situation of a safety-jeopardizing nature. One thing brothers pride themselves on is how much we have each others' backs. Should something ever get so out of hand that it becomes vital for you to get involved, we will notify you with the utmost amount of urgency.

  • How does Epsilon Sigma Rho respond to hazing? Do you haze?

    • Since the foundation of Greek life in 1776, what is nowadays referred to as hazing has evolved immensely. Originally, the idea of hazing was to put potential new members through a series of tasks they must complete over a certain period of time to help prove that the interested member is worthy of membership. This is something similar to what the military does to its new recruits, for example.

    • Today universities have cracked down on hazing all over the country, especially over the last few decades, to make certain that all students are safe and treated respectfully.

    • With this in mind, Epsilon Sigma Rho does not condone hazing. We do put our interested members through a secret process, a process that has been secret for over 30 years now and is modeled after other cultural Greek organizations that have historically approached their initiation processes in the same fashion. How ever secret our process may be, however, it does not involve the psychological or physical abuse of any of our interested members, and we make very clear from the get-go the the interested member may suspend his involvement in our process at any point, and may do so freely, with peace of mind, and without repercussions from our organization.

  • Would Epsilon Sigma Rho truly benefit my son?

    • The short answer is: yes, absolutely.

    • The long answer is: Epsilon Sigma Rho is designed to provide your son with the tools to become a better member of society, as this world is far too large and vast to be limited to one world view. By better understanding our fellow people, regardless of who they are, we become prepared to make the world a better place. As vague as that may send, making the world a better place is truly our goal. Why waste our lives on ignorance, violence, and war based on misconceptions about other people when we can truly become one with one another? It may sound idealistic, but we don't think it's farfetched at all. We can make this happen one step at a time, and your son can be a part of that endeavor.

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