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The Afterlife


Upon graduation, the Afterlife begins...


What will you do in the Afterlife? It isn't always an easy question to answer, but remember that the most important thing you have in the Afterlife is the brothers you'll be sharing letters with for the rest of your life. So if you need some guidance or want to connect, try some of the tools below to get you started.

Find an Alumni Chapter

We currently have five established alumni chapters you can join located in:

  • Phoenix, Arizona

  • Southern California/LA Area

  • The California Bay Area

  • Chico, CA

  • Sacramento, CA

Create an Alumni Chapter

If there isn't an alumni chapter near you, then you can always start one. The requirements are simple:

1 - Have a minimum of 5 organized alumni brothers

2 - Establish positions

3 - Create constitutional bylaws

4 - Pay the National Governing Board dues

Help Us Expand

Are you in an area with no undergraduate presence of Rho? Our organization has way too much to offer to let that happen, so consider spearheading an expansion initiative to bring RHO to a brand new campus community!

Become A Mentor/Resource

One thing that our undergraduates have always asked for is a comprehensive database of alumni brothers, full with contact information, what their career is, and their skillset, that way they can network and connect with older brothers with way more life experience. If you'd like to partake in our Mentor/Resource Program and add your info to our database, shoot us a message with your legal name, Rho name, chapter and line, phone number, email address, your career, and your skills. All of this information will be added to our password protected Brother Resource Page. The login is at the top right corner of the website, and only bothers will have access to your personal info.

Talk to a Brother

If you have any questions about the above information, or have information to send us to add to our database, please contact us with this form. Thank you, brother, and E-White!

Success! Message received.

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