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Epsilon Sigma Rho takes the well-being of its members and prospective members very seriously, especially when it comes to abuse of alcohol and drugs. Below you will find an outline of our substance abuse policy. If after reading you have any questions, feel free to contact us HERE.


Epsilon Sigma Rho Fraternity, Incorporated has reviewed and agreed to abide by all university policies as well as local, state, and federal laws.*

  1. Any member has the right to call to question the behavior or actions of any member of the chapter/fraternity. All allegations shall be submitted to the Sergeant at Arms to be reviewed by the Executive Board/Governing Board.

  2. After the complaint, at the discretion of the Executive Board/Governing Board, any brother accused of conduct unbecoming of a member or illegal activity and anything else in violation of fraternal policy and procedure is subject to review by the Judicial Review Board, which will be comprised of the Sergeant at Arms, one randomly selected executive/governing board member, and three randomly selected active brothers.

  3. All judicial review hearings must be within three weeks of the incident and the accused must be given a choice of a minimum of two meeting times for him to present his case to the Judicial Review Board.

  4. After a Judicial Review Board decision, the member involved may appeal the verdict or the punishment to the chapter/fraternity at the following chapter meeting/annual conference. The executive/governing board decision is final.


*To curtail alcohol/drug abuse on and off campus, Epsilon Sigma Rho has adopted a mandatory, three strikes policy for chapters. The first violation, whether on or off campus, automatically will result in appropriate parent/guardian notification and further substance abuse education. A second violation will also automatically carry parent/guardian notification and judicial review which may result in sanctions. A third violation will result in automatic chapter suspension by the National Governing Board for a minimum of one semester.


Alcohol and drug violations will be contingent upon local, state, federal, and university policies. All chapters are responsible for becoming educated about these policies. Executive Board officers will be put up for judicial review on a national level should it come to light that members of that chapter are uneducated about these policies.


Epsilon Sigma Rho Multicultural Fraternity, Inc. follows FIPG RISK MANAGEMENT POLICY.

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