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Prostate Cancer

Epsilon Sigma Rho is proud to adopt

The Fight Against Prostate Cancer

as the official philanthropy of the fraternity.

Prostate cancer is an often misunderstood and largely under publicized disease that affects over 180,000 men each year. Like other forms of cancer, prostate cancer has adverse effects on a victim's family and friends. Moreover, prostate cancer is not partial to one ethnicity. All men can potentially suffer and even die from this disease.

It is our fraternity's mission to educate as many people from our respective campuses and communities about how to prevent and receive treatment for this disease. We achieve this by participating in and/or hosting events like "Movember", volleyball tournaments, community informationals, and charitable events with prostate cancer organizations like ZERO and POP.




To learn more about some organizations fighting prostate cancer, try these buttons.

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