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Epsilon Sigma Rho's Founding Alpha Chapter founded at CSU, Sacramento.

On March 2, 1986, eight dedicated men known as The Creators founded Epsilon Sigma Rho Multicultural Fraternity, Incorporated at California State University Sacramento. These men established a strong brotherhood based on diversity and a devotion to cultural awareness by developing a community support network, a strong bond among the brothers, and cultural awareness on the campus and community.

Brutal Beta, Mighty Gamma, and Hard Delta Chapters founded at UC Davis, CSU Chico, and Fresno State respectively.


T h e  C r e a t o r s


Juan Carlos Sánchez

Salvador Robles

José Muñoz

Martín Rodríguez

Juan Mercado

Gerardo Manríquez

David Jaramillo


Epsilon Sigma Rho turns 10!

By the early 1990s, we were showcasing our pride of diversity and our acceptance of cultural and ethnic differences all over Northern California. We were taking steps beyond merely being diverse by diving deep into our differences, understanding them in various contexts, and learning to make the most of them. We were actively helping others learn about and appreciate the differences that make each of us unique. 


Elite Epsilon Chapter founded at CSU, Monterrey Bay.

We were the only true multicultural brotherhood seeking to educate and empower men to have an optimistic outlook on diversity and an acceptance of cultural/ethnic differences through education, strength, and respect.

At the turn of the century, we furthered our expansion efforts, not just to other parts of California but to major cities in Arizona. This truly helped us reinvigorate the multicultural aspect of our brotherhood as we gained more perspectives on political and social issues, as well as greater travel opportunities. We are definitely excited to keep these expansion efforts going into  the future so we may have a presence all over the United States.


Epic Zeta and Infinite Eta Chapters founded at Arizona State University and The University of Arizona respectively.

2016 has proven to be the year of the most changes. Upon turning 30, the brotherhood celebrated back in Sacramento, California where old school got to meet new school. Soon after, we adopted a fraternity logo, a first for Epsilon Sigma Rho.


Epsilon Sigma Rho turns 30 and adopts a new logo.

Over the last 30 years, our organization has come to represent countless people of varying ethnicities, nationalities, religions, beliefs, and lifestyles. Our beloved history has proven that we are indeed a family, and it all started with a need that eight men in 1986 sought to fulfill: multicultural awareness. It was indeed ahead of its time, and now we stand to embody the same values they did upon our founding. Our foundation is strong and unmoving, and let it not be mistaken that Epsilon Sigma Rho did it first.


True Theta Chapter is founded at San Francisco State University.

Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 10.21.11 AM.png

As our expansion efforts continued, we were established in the Bay Area. The city of San Francisco is known as a cultural melting pot which is the perfect location for Epsilon Sigma Rho to continue our mission of spreading our multicultural brotherhood to those that are looking for a home away from home within our diverse organization.


Iconic Iota Chapter is founded at Sonoma State University.

Within the last two years, our organization has welcomed two new chapters back to back. With great success, the brotherhood is expanding quickly. We're all proud of every one of our brothers putting in the hard work and effort to help us grow. As time continues we're looking forward to expanding our multicultural brotherhood across all college campuses throughout the nation. 

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