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As an institution of higher learning, your students should be top priority, and because of that, you are compelled to monitor the activities they get involved with. This is to make sure that students are fulfilling their interests in other realms while still learning, growing, and staying safe. As a collegiate fraternity, we take into great consideration what our respective campuses require of us. Below are some common questions we'd like to get answered, and if you have more, please contact us to discuss further.

  • How well does Epsilon Sigma Rho work with offices for Greek life?

    • Very well. We know that each campus has different requirements to remain in good standing and stay active, and we will do what we must to comply with such regulations. We also like to maintain good relationships with our Greek life offices so that our Greek communities at each campus continue to collaborate and thrive.

  • How does Epsilon Sigma Rho deal with the most common issues of Greek life?

    • You can actually take a peek at all of our policies regarding some of the most common issues, all linked in the footer of this website.

  • How would Epsilon Sigma Rho benefit our campus?

    • In some senses, we are the glue of Greek life, in that we recognize there are many types of Greek organizations with differing purposes, and we serve to bring everyone together. Some organizations have roots in certain racial/ethnic identities, and we are here to represent them all, create dialogue, and get people out of their comfort zones.

    • Because we are the advocates of multicultural education, we also love to teach the community about different human experiences. What better way to bring people together than by opening up people's minds and using our differences as strengths?

  • Would you be interested in expanding to our campus?

    • If we haven't reached out to you already, yes, absolutely! Please message us with your information and we can begin collaborating to get that process started.

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